Places Where You Can Get Dissertation Samples

If you ask anyone who has completed their degree whether masters or PhD, they will tell you that dissertation examples came in handy throughout the entire process. You may be asking yourself why so. What you ought to now is that going through samples actually boosts your confidence. This is because through them you will be able to understand the dissertation sample format, vocabularies used, how to create a strong dissertation defense and finally what the commonly made mistakes are so that you avoid them before you begin your dissertation proposal outline. The following are the places where you can get the dissertation examples.

The Library

This is the most ancient and resourceful source of knowledge and it is due to that reason that you should visit your school library first. Since you may not have a photographic memory, ensure that you carry along a pen and paper. You can then write down what you have learned from the dissertation sample paper. Ask the librarian to give you some samples so that you can go with them at home for further mastery.

Online discussion forums

The only task here is registering and joining one of these. In such groups you may find that some students send dissertation samples for critic. Apart from samples, you may be lucky to get insights on how to complete your paper since such are the things that are discussed in these groups.


This online search engine can nowadays provide you with the answer to almost everything. All you have to do is to type the key word and you will be given various dissertation proposal samples pdf to choose from. However, Google is known to mislead students at times since there are some sites written by unqualified people. Ensure that you ask the supervisor to give you some of the best websites suggestions that you can use so that you do not fall victim to internet scams.

Your tutor

Most tutors who have been in practice tend to keep aside some of the best papers for future reference. Ask them to lend you some and the advantage of this is that this way, you will be able to ask the tutor some questions if you have any.


There are plenty of upcoming freelancers and that means competition for market. To outdo the rest, you will realize that most of them post samples of their work. As a student make sure that you take advantage of this rare opportunity and go through the examples provided. Do not just read any sample but rather choose one that is related to your subject.

The list provided above should be able to act as a road map and give you a guide to where you can get good dissertation report samples and what major things to look out for in your quest.


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