Tips And Guidelines To Help You When Creating Your Dissertation Defense

The master’s thesis is what determines whether the post graduate work and research you have done will be worth something. When doing the research and writing the project, it is always good to remember that it will end up in the hands of a group of people, the dissertation committee, and that you will have to defend your findings for them to determine if your work will create any impact in the academic circles. It is, therefore, important to make sure that you are well-prepared for the project, and that you have the confidence it takes to present it to a panel and defend your findings.

Here are a few guidelines which you will find useful when preparing for the doctoral dissertation defense.

Organize your paper well

The first thing that you need to do is create a powerful dissertation defense presentation. The document could be in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The quality of the paper will be the first impression that the panel gets about you and your work, and if it is positive, they will be more willing to listen to and agree with your defense. The paper should not only be organized in terms of format, but it should also have the right grammar, good citations and the right references. Try and make use of examples and diagrams so that the paper and the concept can be easily understood.

Be presentable

The other part that students rarely think about when creating their thesis projects is the image they project to the panel. It is crucial to always remember that how you look will also determine what the panel thinks about your work. The physical presentation is easy to achieve, what challenges the most is speech. If you feel like you aren’t confident enough, read and memorize the content of your paper. This will help you avoid fumbling during the dissertation defense presentation. When you exude confidence during your presentation, the result will be positive feedback from the panel.

Study the panel

Another important thing to remember when preparing for a dissertation defense is that the panel will have their own preferences about the presentation. You, therefore, need to make sure that you study them and understand what makes them tick. If there are students who have faced the same panel, talk to them and find out if they have any recommendations.

Seek Guidance

Those are a few dissertation defense tipswhich can help you launch a successful defense to your thesis, get the attention of the panel and finalize the project. It is important to remember that as long as you have taken time and organized your presentation well, you are able to tell what the committee wants and you have delivered it, the defense will favor you. Finally, remember that the panel must ask questions and the more prepared you are for them, the easier it will be to handle them. You can seek assistance from a professional just to make sure you’re well prepared.


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