A Guide To Perfect Citation That Will Get Your Dissertation Approved

Once you have a topic for your dissertation, it is imperative to note that you will have to keep to one standard format of citation throughout your paper. You can choose from APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago depending on the type of dissertation you are writing. Essentially, the main purpose of a dissertation is to show your supervisor as well as the committee the direction you wish to take with your research. One avenue to make this possible is to use the proper citation. The following is a guide on dissertation citation that will provide a clear trail of your research.v

Use dissertation citation tools

There is a dissertation citation machine you can utilize to generate your citations automatically. These tools allow you to choose the format with which you want your dissertation citation to appear. for instance, if you choose to cite dissertation MLA style of writing, you do not need to know how to organize the author's name or name, the title of publication, date of publication, edition, or volume. The citation tool will aid you in doing so.

Differentiate in-text citation and bibliography

When you choose to use a dissertation citation MLA format, you should use the last name of the author or authors as well as the page number from where you got the information. This is referred to as in-text citation; for example (Levring 26). Remember, you are referring to previous research done by other authors, hence; you need to reference the source correctly. You will also need to place a work cited page at the end of the dissertation. This page provides a list of all the references you have used in your dissertation. The same case applies when you use dissertation citation in APA (Levring, 2018, p.16) or citing dissertation in Chicago style that requires a foot note1. Your supervisor, as well as the committee, will be able to grasp your arguments based on how well you use these citations. Ensure that you seek clarification from your supervisor in case you are unsure of your citation.

Unpublished citations

When writing your dissertation, you may come across material that you need to use that is yet to be published. This is the unpublished dissertation meaning. For instance, if you use unpublished dissertation MLA you may not get an automatic dissertation citation from a dissertation citation machine. As such, you need to use the format from the auto-generated citations. While doing so, ensure that you place “unpublished doctoral dissertation” after the title of the material used in the reference section. This shows your supervisor as well as the committee that you have gathered data from a previously unpublished doctoral dissertation. You are required to do so for citing dissertation in Chicago style, dissertation citation in APA or any other format that you choose for your dissertation.

Using the above methods for citation, your dissertation will be like a map that shows your supervisor the direction that you are taking with your research. In the same vein, the committee will understand and grasp the concept you present in your dissertation and approve your work.


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