The Judging Panel

Our panelists are almost all professional journalists and writers, who’ve worked in the industry for several years. Here are the judges for the 2013 prize.

Paul Presley has been writing about all forms of gaming since 1988, starting in the so-called halcyon days of The One alongside industry legend Gary Penn, through the rise of PC gaming with PC Review, and throughout most of the life of games magazine phenomenon PC Zone. He has also freelanced for almost all major UK games magazines and websites. Today he is Editorial Director at Continue Magazine, a long-form features-led digital magazine promoting gaming culture in all its forms and in 2013 he received the prestigious Games Media Legend award at the Games Media Awards.

Patrick Klepek has been the news editor at Giant Bomb for the last two years. Previously, he was a reporter at EGM, G4, MTV News, and 1UP, and is probably best known for breaking the news about Infinity Ward’s management shake up and Microsoft’s recent turnaround on its DRM policies for Xbox One. When Patrick isn’t spending his time at Giant Bomb getting scared in the dark while playing horror games, he’s trying to tell to tell stories. Games have stories to tell, developers have stories to tell, and players have stories to tell. Someone just needs to listen.

Kirsten Kearney is the Editor of Ready Up and a regular radio pundit for the video game industry. She has been a journalist for 18 years, having left the BBC in 2002 to move into games journalism. She has been a section editor and written columns and reviews for publications including OPM2, PSM3, GamesMaster, Play, 360 Gamer, Guinness World Records and PocketGamer. Kirsten also set two world records for gaming marathons in the FPS and driving genres.

Patrick Miller is the director of online community for GDC, former editor-in-chief of Game Developer Magazine, and an editor of fighting game community site All in all, he probably spends more time looking at words about video games than actually playing them.

Keza MacDonald has been writing about games and gaming culture for more than eight years, for everyone from The Guardian to Edge to VG247 and Eurogamer. She is currently UK Games Editor at, and received a Games Media Award for Best Online Writer in 2011 and for Games Writer of the Year in 2012.

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